Alton Brown book tour 2005: I’m Just Here for More Food

Alton Brown, geek cooking hero and Bon Appetit Magazine Cooking Teacher of the Year 2004 will be spending January 2005 promoting his latest book, Food × Mixing + Heat = Baking (I'm Just Here for More Food), sequel to his award-winning debut cookbook Food + Heat = Cooking (I'm Just Here for the Food). Check the schedule to see when/whether he'll be in your area.

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  1. Dan McCarty says:

    What’s this–he’s not coming anywhere near Chicago?!

  2. Cool, I may just have to make a 3 hour drive down to LA.

  3. Badman says:

    Wow, he’s coming right to me! That tears it, I’m going to have to meet him and have him sign my copies of his books. And maybe I’ll have time to tell him my Thanksgiving story…

    On this last Thanksgiving my wife eight-and-a-half months pregnant. She was in a lot of pain and could hardly move and had been that way for several months. Because of this she couldn’t go anywhere for Thanksgiving and she really didn’t feel like having anyone over.

    I was determined to give her a good Thanksgiving dinner despite all this. Fortunately, I’d discovered Good Eats this year and had seen the "Romancing the Bird" episode. I followed Alton’s advice in that episode and used his recipes and ended up cooking one of the best Thanksgiving dinners we’ve ever had. The turkey was fantastic, and the dressing was delicious. It was all so good I could hardly believe that I had made it, and it made my wife very happy.

  4. Alton Brown, geek cooking god, is on a book tour promoting his new book "I’m Just Here For More Food" and visiting Seattle at the end of January. Must go. I love his show Good Eats on the Food Network,…

  5. BonzoESC says:

    Ha ha! Not only did I get "More Food" for Christmas, he’s coming to Tampa!

    I made his Sweet Potato Pie for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Soooo delicious.

  6. Anonymous says:

    AB is coming to Seattle

  7. Miles Archer says:

    Is he appearing in SF at noon or at midnight? What does 12:00pm really mean?

  8. Ray Trent says:

    If you like Alton, read "On Food and Cooking" by Harold McGee. It’s the definitive bible of Alton’s style of kitchen lore.

  9. KC Lemson says:

    Neat! David got me his first book for hannukah last month, and we just made the salisbury steak recipe last night. I love the show and the fact that he has a blog.

  10. Alton Brown was in Seattle this afternoon.

  11. If you are going to two bookstores in Seattle would you just make a small stop in Portland? You have at least two die-hard fans that would love to meet you. Portland does have the largest bookstore in the world, how could you miss that?

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