This Game Boy won’t hurt a bit, just help the Powerpuff Girls count backwards from ten

Is there nothing a Game Boy can't do? We already learned that it can be played like a musical instrument. Now we discover that letting children play with a Game Boy before surgery is more effective than tranquilizers or a parent's hand at keeping them calm.

You know when you go to the dentist and she asks you, "What flavor fluoride rinse would you like?" Perhaps someday the anaesthetist will ask you, "Do you want a Game Boy or a Nintendo?"

(Drat, scooped by Slashdot again.)

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  1. asdf says:

    I remember seeing a few commercials on tv maybe 6-12 months ago ago about this children’s dental place that gives game systems away (we’re talking PS2 and xbox here). I’m sure there is some catch to it. I’d rather have no mercury in my mouth than a game system anyway.

  2. David Stone says:

    My orthodontist used to have Game Boys and N64s so that the kids could play with them while they wait. :)

  3. BonzoESC says:

    The catch is that you have to get your teeth cleaned with a metal spike.

  4. Richard says:

    My dentist has a ps2 for people to use while sitting in the chair. Supposedly they have a little trouble getting some kids to leave.

  5. B. Vaughan says:

    I should mention (albeit very late) that my old family dentist, before he retired, kept around a Game Boy or two in his office for use by child patients. I can personally vouch for the calmative effects of Tetris before getting a cavity filled.

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