Exploding frying pans

Last year there was a recall of exploding frying pans. For some reason I found this funny.

"The pans can explode or separate when preheated, used on high heat or used for frying," the safety commission said in a statement.

It explodes when you fry something in it.

Apparently "frying stuff" was not in the test plan for the frying pans.

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  1. Maybe it were just Whack-Your-Husband(tm) pans and they failed to mention that on the wrapping.

  2. this is hysterical; that link and that quote are going directly into my presentation on writing better use cases…

  3. Aarrgghh says:

    Sounds like their QA department has been taking lessons from ours.

  4. Microsoft QA (not really) says:

    I don’t get it – what’s wrong with that? The developers assured me that it would be fixed in the next release.


    This is why they need to do Unit Testing, actually testing the unit in a real life situation;-)

  6. Follow the link to The Old New Thing. This says it all.

  7. Candles can create a fire hazard, safety commission concludes.

  8. Amazing. Just Amazing… Not to be outdone by frying pans that explode when you use them for frying, Nature’s Finest Candles has issued a product recall [pdf] because the candles catch fire when you light them. This is not…

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