You can do anything at, anything at all

Zombo has been around for many years, and yet I still find it hilarious (requires Flash).

I just went back to check, and alas the introduction actually ends. But fortunately, they made it even cooler by having a text-only version. (Still requires sound.)

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  1. travis says:

    The unattainable is UNKNOWN

  2. Uwe says:

    My Mozilla FireFox only displays the start page, nothing more.

    I doubt that this is the whole content of the site?!?

  3. Wilhelm Svenselius says:

    Yes. Yes, it is. And it’s been like that forever.

  4. AndrewSeven says:

    Unatainable is below Unknown which is below Unknowable.

  5. The New Guy says:

    "I don’t get it", he said.

  6. MilesArcher says:

    I looked at this a while ago and I still don’t get it.

  7. Adam Kinney says:

    "Welcome to you who have come to"


  8. Mike Dunn says:

    I would rather go to Kenya:

    ;) (work safe, Flash with sound, you might get the tune stuck in your head)

  9. KC Lemson says:

    I’ve always been embarrassed to say that makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it. Glad to hear I’m not the only one =) I think it’s the slight accent that does it for me.

  10. DaveG says:

    My gawd, that Kenya one is bustin’ me!

  11. says:

    Best. Site. Ever.

    I want onto the news letter, (but the link is down) which will hopefully be "this is a newsletter from" and that’s it. Absolutely hilarious.

    Some one told me about the site, my question is how was it forst found? It has no links or anything, so shouldn’t ever come up on a google search?

  12. Vance says:

    I think what’s important for it to be found by google etc is not that links are ON the page, but that SOMEWHERE out there, there’s a link TO it.

  13. Raymond Chen says:

    Commenting on this article has been closed.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Gaming Blog Advance » Googling Zombo-com

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