The coolest thing you can do with a Gameboy is not “play a game on it”

From Public Radio International, The Next Big Thing covers The Gameboy Music Match.

These days, a lot of electronic music is performed directly off of a laptop, which most people complain looks a lot like someone up there on stage checking their email. But Gameboy music isn't just for listening. It's also a performance. Nullsleep plays with both thumbs tapping, both feet moving, and head swaying. Okay, yeah, it looks like he's playing a video game. But a really great video game.

Read the episode rundown or listen directly to the fourth story, Hot GameBoy Music Club. (The story was re-run a year later under the much catchier title New Old Sounds.)

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  1. asdf says:

    You left out,, and my favorite one Button*Masher, but their site has been down for a while.

  2. Raymond Chen says:

    Those folks are doing something different: Covering Gameboy tunes. But Nullsleep and friends create music using the Gameboy as a synthesizer. Two different artistic endeavours (both interesting).

  3. asdf says:

    The first 2 are covering gb tunes. Button*Masher uses gb synths in most songs. And uses gb sounding in some songs. I don’t know if they actually use a gameboy, NES, or just simulate it. And this guy does a pretty good job (if you ignore his mistakes) playing a game of mario on his guitar.

  4. Milk's Blog says:

    Use your Gameboy Advance as a video phone, as a global positioning system receiver, as a video player (with associated anime cartridge vending machines available throughout japan), or to make music with – or alternativley play it with your tounge….

  5. Game Boy proves more effective than tranquilizers at calming children before surgery.

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