Plane-spotters to require government license

Plane-spotters to require government license. The article spins it as a "benefit" for ground-based aviation buffs, but this is just one of those "two steps back, one step forwards" things. Plane-spotters were outright banned from airports in the summer of 2003.

Now they can go back, but they'll need to shell out £15 for the privilege.

And if I, random small-time aviation buff, want to go out and look at the pretty planes as they fly overhead, I'm out of luck. The "authorized" plane admirers might even report me as a security risk.

I hope I won't be convicted of international espionage.

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  1. Kevin Jump says:

    More nanny state paranoia; Are we seriously suggesting that if I take my 4 year old niece to look at the planes at Manchester airport, I am going to be labelled a terrorist?

    Sadly I think we are?

  2. Who comes up with this stuff? (Rhetorical question). sigh. I guess our only hope is to hope that the people who believe this is effective don’t vote…

  3. Excuse me?! In Singapore, lots of Singaporeans go to the airport to watch airplanes, or do whatever lovebirds do. I hope this nonsense do not propagate to Singapore. ;o)

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