$501 for 510g of peanut butter

You can buy 510 grams of peanut butter for only $501.

Of course, this is special peanut butter. It must be kept at -20°C. And it is not intended for human consumption.

This is peanut butter from the National Institute of Standards and Technology intended for use by food analysis laboratories to calibrate their equipment. For example, standard peanut butter consists of 10.4% ± 0.2% saturated fat.

(Link courtesy of Slate.)

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  1. ko says:

    but… how good would it taste??

  2. Petr Kadlec says:

    "National Institute of Standards and Technology", "Standard Reference Materials", "peanut butter" — wow, I thought terms like http://www.catb.org/~esr/jargon/html/A/ANSI-standard-pizza.html were just a joke…now I’m going to look if there is really something like that. :-)

    (I would expect things like that in EU, where we have a standard for bannana curvature.)

    And a note: is the peanut butter used anywhere except the US? Since I have seen it for the first time in some movie, I would like to taste it (I love peanuts), but I have never seen it in any czech shop…

  3. Nick Jennion says:

    Sure, it’s pretty big in Australia, and I know it’s sold in NZ as well. I’ve also seen it in the UK…

    But nobody has ever explained to me the attraction of PB&J :)

  4. Mat Hall says:

    PB&J is the r0xx0r! :) Peanut butter also goes quite well in a sandwich with bacon and lettuce, or on its own on toast. The crunchy/smooth choice is always difficult, so I make sure I have both in the cupboard…

  5. Florian says:

    Peanut butter goes very well with honey or Nutella(tm). But just by itself…. dunno.

  6. B.Y. says:

    ±0.2% ? Do we need such accuracy on fat content in peanut butter ?

    And how much tax dollars goes to bureaucrats to achieve this standard ?

    Get the government out of my peanut butter !

  7. Raymond Chen says:

    Nobody is saying that all peanut butter has to be 10.4%±0.2% fat. The purpose of this peanut butter is for food analysis companies to stick it in their nutrition analysis machine and check that the machine reports "The food you just analyzed contains 10.4% fat."

    Surely you want food analysis machines to be accurate, don’t you?

  8. Anony-mouse Cowered says:

    OK, now I know where to buy standard peanut butter. But where can I buy the standard high-fat meal http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=%22standard+high-fat+meal mentioned in prescription drug leaflets? Or do I have to prepare it myself using a careful combination of standard ingredients?

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