What, going to Sweden *again*?

It appears that I will have an opportunity to visit Sweden during the first week of June. I'll have three days in Uppsala and three days in Lund, with a travel day in between. Now, I've already spent a week and a half in Uppsala, so perhaps I could spend the Uppsala days taking a ferry to Helsinki and back. (And I could visit Denmark from Lund...)

My Swedish won't be any better (well, okay, I learned a little more about formation of past participles, not like that counts for much), but I still enjoy trying. The hard part is finding someone patient enough to put up with all my fumbling and not switch to English out of frustration.

(In Finland and Denmark, I'm just going to start in English with German as a fallback. Sorry, guys.)

The question facing me now is whether I should go. It hasn't even been a month since my previous trip, and if the Finland thing doesn't come together, I'll be spending half my time in a city I've already visited. Hm...

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  1. DotFrandsen says:

    Of course you should go – and this time make a hop to BLL and have lunch with me and my cow orkers :-)

    (Or you could go to Legoland!)

  2. And from Helsinki you could take a ferry to Tallinn, Estonia’s capital ;-) Seriously, though Estonian climate generally shall we say “has significant room for improvement”, June is already pretty acceptable. http://www.visitestonia.com/ ;-)

  3. And between Uppsala and Lund is Ronneby and Karlskrona where I live. If you like to, I’d love to welcome you here!


    Best Regards,




  4. Lucke says:

    And Lund is extremely nice at this time of the year ;-)

  5. Lucke says:

    And Lund is extremely nice at this time of the year ;-)

  6. Johan Thelin says:

    Have you tried frisbeegolf? If you happen to pass by Alingsås or Gothenburg again I would love to go for a round. It is a great sport since you don’t have to carry any heavy clubs and still have the chance to chat all the way around the course.

  7. Too bad you don’t plan to go to Göteborg this time because in June when the weather is good the archipelago is really nice to visit.

    Wherever you go (in Sweden) you’ll probably see a lot of highschool graduates celebrating their freedom in the beginning of June, which can be interesting to see…

  8. Finn says:

    Unfortunately Swedish is the 2nd language in Finland, so depends a bit on the dude you bump in to whether he prefers Swedish or English in Finland. If i were asked English should be the 2nd official language in every place where it isn’t the 1st..

  9. Raymond Chen says:

    You will be just fine with English. Everybody speaks English fluently. Even the sweet old lady I met on the train.

  10. RM says:

    Just in case I happen to go to Sweden next summer, which I might … will I be fine with just English (OK, I know Spanish, too, but I have a feeling that won’t get me anywhere unless I happen to confuse Spain with Sweden when ordering plane tickets…)? We have a foreign exchange student with near-native fluency (seriously the best I’ve ever heard) and, from what I’ve heard and read, it sounds like most of them know English pretty well thanks to government/educational encouragement.

    Just wondering–because it sounds like I’ll be fine, maybe even better off that I *don’t* try. <g>

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