Calling the irony patrol

I don't speak Dutch, so I went of course to a Dutch search engine, And upon my arrival I was greeted with a pop-up ad offering me a pop-up blocker.

There's something wrong about that.

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  1. Daniel Jin says:

    I’ve seen those before, in English. My bet is your Dutch version probably said something along the line that "had you had a popup blocker, you wouldn’t see this popup message" :)

  2. Magic says:

    A friend received a spam e-mail a little while ago advertising a spam blocker, which he then bought!

  3. Reuben Harris says:

    I hope you abused him mercilessly, Magic…

  4. Oh the Irony! My favorite (ok, not my favorite, but you get the context) spam emails are the ones advertising "how to avoid spam"…

  5. Mat says:

    Imagine getting a phone call in the middle of dinner selling caller id or a Telezapper…

  6. Cooney says:

    So Raymond, have you played with crazybrowser? It should protect you from further doses of irony.

  7. Vazz says:

    I once got a spam mail advertising "The powerful, effective and intelligent anti-spam tool." I had blogged about it here:

  8. Norman Diamond says:

    A few weeks ago there were reports in newspapers about a US court ruling, saying that a US operator who was sending spam pop-ups advertising their spam pop-up blocker for sale would be allowed to resume doing so.

    > There’s something wrong about that.


  9. Anonymous Coward says:

    For tabbed IE browsing (with popup blocker of course), I prefer AvantBrowser:

    It appears a little more polished than CrazyBrowser and has some neat features, like hiding to tray, open in background, disable Flash, etc. Of course, this is IMHO… both are good, your opinions may vary.

  10. Joe says:

    I don’t really think it’s such a bad idea.

    This way, people who actually need the blocker

    will get the message, in well, pop-up form.

    People who are already using a blocker wouldn’t know it’s there.

    There is some irony to that but not totally irrational.

  11. Rob Lohman says:

    I’ve seen those too. Funny. Anyway, I’m from

    "Holland" so if you need anything in dutch

    shoot me an e-mail at

  12. igor says:

    I also have seen this before and I find it genious :) It is:

    1. 100% targeted ad – if you have blocker, you will not see it;

    2. get clients from competitors – if you have blocker and see it, you need another one;

    3. makes their users – if you have forgot about popups, it reminds you what it is :)

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