And we will build a processor with… ONE MILLION TRANSISTORS!

A friend of mine decided to recaption this picture which is in the rotation on Intel's Hardware Design Home Page:

"And we will build a processor with... ONE MILLION TRANSISTORS!"

Who knew that Dr. Evil designed CPUs, too!

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  1. SBC says:

    you mean one billion transistors..


  2. Mike Dunn says:

    Someone with Photoshop skills needs to edit it so the guy is holding his pinky up to his mouth. ;)

    You know what I think of when I look at the other guy?


  3. Reuben Harris says:

    The other guy is Johnny Vegas! Surely?!

  4. Cooney says:

    No, he just ate Mini Me

  5. Steve Sheppard says:

    SBC, I think you missed the joke.

  6. gjb says:

    "I think I shall call it Wini ME"

  7. LeighSword says:

    ONE MILLION,it’s really funny.

  8. Moi says:

    I don’t know where the photo is actually from, but the guy with the cap looks like Keith (Ewen Macintosh) in The Office (British version).

  9. Mike Dunn says:

    Very good, Mario ;)

  10. "The other guy is Johnny Vegas! Surely?!"

    It scares me that people posting here would actually know who Johnny Vegas was :)

    I remember when he wasn’t famous, and was compering at the Frog & Bucket in Manchester. :) (Ahh… the good old days when at least twice a week I’d be heading down there to hang out)

  11. Dave Laundon says:

    Simon, I bet it’ll scare you even more to learn that someone else here actually knows about the blue-footed one…

  12. OK, now I am scared. :-) Hi Dave. :)

  13. Danny Howard says:

    That sidekick conveniently resembles Fat Bastard.

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