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Somehow the server is in a wonky state and my autopilot script that posts a new article at 7 every morning is getting error 500 back (internal server error). So I'm posting manually for the nonce. Expect erratic posting times until the problem is resolved.

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  1. Jack Mathews says:

    Well here’s a quick change of subject on an off topic thread then…

    Raymond – Can you tell someone on the MSIMN team that the app leaks GDI objects all over the place? Just clicking from folder to folder between mail and newsgroups makes the count go up forever. This is on Win2k at least (all updated).

  2. Raymond Chen says:

    I don’t know anybody on the MSIMN team. Maybe you can find one of them who blogs.

  3. Raymond Chen says:

    (Note: I will likely delete this entry once the server unwonks itself.)

  4. .dan.g. says:


    to us brits, the word ‘nonce’ means ‘child-molester’.


  5. And the next message in the thread from a brit says he never heard it.

    Is is slang? says it means "The present or particular occasion".

  6. Mark says:

    Yes, nonce is slang for a child molester. I believe it also means an informer or a pimp as well. I’m from the London area, and I should think everyone from there would know what it means.

  7. Mark says:

    In fact, if you ever come to London, I would advise against phrases like "I’m picking the kids up from school for the nonce." A bit like how we have to be careful to say cigarette and not fag in the US.

  8. Tony Cox says:

    Nonce is also a term in cryptography, I believe first used by the Bletchly Park team. It refers to known phrases that should appear in plaintext, and thus help your codebreaking efforts.

    PS. I’m also (orignally) a Londoner, and can confirm your slang definition.

  9. I made it "word of the day" on my homepage. ;)

  10. brian says:

    I think you’re mistaken about the cryptographic meaning of "nonce". has a definition that I think is closer to actual use. Maybe you’re thinking of "cribs" (which also mean something entirely else outside of cryptography).

  11. Tony Cox says:

    Doh! You’re quite right, I was getting it mixed up with "cribs".

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