Ten-year-old + Microsoft Flight Simulator = terrorist

Apparently a ten-year-old who put Microsoft Flight Simulator on his Christmas wish-list became the subject of a terrorism investigation. (Warning: I suspect that link will go stale in a week, so read it while you still can.) As always, The Register puts a snarky spin on the story.

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  1. Erbo says:

    I think it would be an excellent idea if Microsoft were to send this kid a free copy of FS2004…it would make for some really good PR.

  2. gregor says:

    Over-reacting…..it seems common these days

  3. I always find it interesting how people always get fixated on one thing. Sure, terrorists have shown a propensity to blow up airplanes, but only because they’re so vulnerable. But really, what are the odds that they’ll try piloting an airplane again? Like electrons, they will follow the path of least resistence. It’s not unheard of for terrorists to target subways, ships, or underground garages, yet we focus in on people buying flight sims.

    Hey! Look over there at that person with the flight sim! (but don’t pay any attention to me as I stroll into this mall…)

  4. Matt says:

    Just shows that the terrorists are winning.

  5. giorgio says:

    If you ask me, they should be focusing on anyone buying a submarine sim. Now *that* would be deadly, and as difficult as hell to track.

  6. Michael Giagnocavo says:

    The scary thing is that people actually think it’s a good idea and don’t mind, because somehow, they think that they are "more secure".

    Might as well arrest people who read this blog or visit MSDN, since we could learn something that could be used to exploit some vulnerability some day.

    This situation is the US government’s fault for not understanding/implementing security correctly, and forcing their flawed viewes and practices onto even more ignorant people.

  7. asdf says:

    Come on guys, if counterstrike can teach trenchcoat wearing school children to become expert snipers then it makes sense that ms flight simulator can teach terrorists how to fly commercial airliners.

  8. brian says:

    You seem to know a lot about this Counterstrike game. Would you mind if we sent some troopers over to your house to talk to you? The life you save might be your own.

  9. Nathan says:

    Yikes…. very Orwellian.

    err… I mean doubleplus good that Staples is watching out for us :|

  10. **** ***! says:

    Brian you are such an idiot….

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