People with almanacs may be terrorists, FBI warns

The FBI has apparently released a bulletin advising law enforcement officers to be on the alert for people with almanacs: They might be terrorists.

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  1. Nerds everywhere beware!

  2. asdf says:

    Well, in a word where <A HREF="">building treehouses is anti-social</A>, can you blame them?

  3. information control says:

    "Right this way, comrade. These gentlemen would like to ask you about your almanac."

  4. McGroarty says:

    "We’re talking about information that’s readily available from many other sources," Seabrooke said from his cell in Guatanmo Bay. "The idea of using it for terrorism never even occurred to me. They certainly didn’t need the Almanac to locate the twin towers."

  5. You can’t say their name without permission.

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