Famous people doing mundane things = news!

So an actor learns a foreign language and it's news: Actor Kingsley Masters Farsi Language. Meanwhile, tens of millions of people around the world learn a foreign language without any media coverage whatsoever.

(And if you read the article: He didn't master Farsi. He mastered basic Farsi. Whatever that means.)

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  1. Someone Who knows Farsi says:

    Hey khob!

    Instead of writing something so irrelevant (and nasty), try to get the message.

    Try to learn something from Raymond, don’t waste my time and yours.

    Sighhhhh …

  2. asdf says:

    aww, you did the math style = instead of the C style ==. Anyone want to reply to a comment about a blog entry about a news article about a celebrity mastering a few words in Farsi?

  3. MilesArcher says:

    It sounded to me like he learned enough Farsi to say his lines in the movie convincingly. I wouldn’t blame Kingsley. I’d blame the newspaper for printing the tripe that comes from the movie’s PR campaign.

  4. Raymond Chen says:

    (I deleted khob’s comment on the advice of multiple people)

  5. RandyRants says:

    I find this to be dead on accurate: Govener Arnold got a number of articles inked about how he likes to play chess and checkers with his family on Christmas Day. He goes on to day that he’s "heavy into Battleship".

    I’ll say no more!

  6. Peter Torr says:

    The movie is actually very well done, if you like tragedies. See "In The Bedroom" or "The Ice Storm" for other examples.

    My companion to this film said it was a lot easier to watch the film than to read the book, because (obviously) things went a lot faster on the big screen.

    Oh, and to not be completley off topic, Mr. Kinglsey probably says less than a dozen words in the entire film that aren’t English. It’s a very good performance though.

  7. Raymond Chen says:

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