German sounds more and more like “Alles Lookenpeepers” every day

München wird ausgebootet

. Maybe someday Alles Lookenspeepers will become proper German.

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  1. manilius says:

    Funny that you bring up blinkenlights. Check out, its really cool and (almost) worth the trip to Berlin.

    The word "ausgebootet" is not that bad by the way, its pronounced german (boot like in "Das Boot") and its not one of these new Denglisch words.



  2. Florian says:

    Yup, not everything that looks like English is English (although it is most of the time nowadays). In this case, "ausbooten" is a normal German word and has nothing to do with footwear.


    "’aus|boo|ten <V.t.; hat> mit Boot vom Schiff an Land bringen, ausschiffen; jmdn. ausbooten <fig.; umg.> jmdn. (. ) verdrängen, entfernen"


  3. Florian says:

    Hm, maybe using those long URLs wasn’t such a good idea. Sorry about that. Here are shorter versions:

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