Last night I had to frog several dozen rows of knitting because I forgot to change needles. Color changes I remember. Needle changes I always forget. Probably because color changes are much more exciting.

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  1. Sekonda says:

    You knit?

  2. asdf says:

    not actually a basket weaving blog

  3. Camillo says:

    Is it a joke that I do not understand? Or do you really knit?

  4. Raymond Chen says:

    Of course I knit. Would I joke about something as important as knitting? (However, I do not crochet or tat.)

  5. quanta says:

    *envisions Raymond knitting with one hand, debugging in another, while singing in Norwegian* ;)

  6. Jordan Russell says:

    I didn’t notice until now that "frog" was hyperlinked because the color is so close to that of the surrounding text. Any chance of making the link color stand out a bit more?

  7. Raymond Chen says:

    "Gesagt, getan." I turned on link underlines; that should help.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We had a good time at Crossroads Mall last night! The occasion was a geek dinner instigated by Robert Scoble in honor of Australian Mick Stanic (aka Splatt). Also there: Korby, Raymond, Jeannie, JP Stewart, Annette, John Porcaro, and Jack and me…

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