Tinkering with the look

I've been tinkering with the look of the comments section, based on initial feedback. Took me a while but I think I found something that works pretty well.

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  1. Works quite well indeed… Nice colors btw

  2. Mark Hurd says:

    FYI The "post categories" do not appear in the "Subject" column of SharpReader with the new blog, but that’s what happened for the old one.

  3. Raymond Chen says:

    Hm I have no idea how to tell .Text to fill in the category. I select a category when I post…

  4. Raymond-

    The colors look great!

    You may want to consider adding some left hand padding on the cells so that the # doesn’t appear to be on top of the border.

  5. Raymond Chen says:

    Picky picky picky. Okay, I added some space before the #, hope that is what you were aiming for.

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