Voyage to Our Hollow Earth

Slashdot's story about the amateur adventurer who is now stranded at McMurdo Base (because he underestimated his fuel requirements for a trip over the South Pole) reminded me of a controversy abrew at the other end of the planet: The hole at the North Pole. To resolve this matter, Steve Currey is mounting an expedition to the hole at the top of the earth. Reserve your seat now!  For only $20,000, you too can travel to the hole in the North Pole and glory at the tropical landscape that awaits you. Maybe.

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  1. DeanG says:

    What fun!

    My friends and I enjoyed this controversey a few months ago.

  2. Alex says:

    This was extensively covered in the Obruchev’s (a russian scientist) fiction book Plutonia published in 1930’s. Tropical landscapes, dinosaurs, the hole in the North pole…

  3. Quietly delayed another year.

  4. You didn’t see that tsunami did you.

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