Suburbs make you fat, researchers conclude

Researchers have determined that living in the suburbs makes you fat. That and all the super-sized value meals.

Speaking of super-sizing your value meal: people are tearing down their McMansions in order to build... a bigger McMansion (WSJ, paid registration required, sorry).

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  1. Kelli Zielinski says:

    I find it really funny that research says what is common sense – if you don’t exercise, you get fat. Live in suburbs, drive car too much, eat convience food, get fat. It’s really easy. But people don’t get it.

    I want to write an article. "American living sucks common sense out of human beings." Film at 11. :: sighs ::

    Now time to go get in my car and drive back to my house really far away from work. ;) ((But at least I go to the gym))

  2. Two legs good – four wheels bad.

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