College football commercialized? What ever gave you that idea?

This has got to be some sort of record for “Longest official name of a sponsored college football game”: The Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl Presented by Bridgestone, which proclaims that “the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl Presented By Bridgestone is Nashville’s Holiday Tradition”.


How to stop delivery of telephone books

Like many of you (I suspect), I don’t use the paper telephone book. If I want to look something up, I go online. Yet every year I get a dozen different telephone books. I don’t like them because a telephone book sitting on my front porch screams, “Rob this house! Nobody’s home!” Besides, it’s a…


People with almanacs may be terrorists, FBI warns

The FBI has apparently released a bulletin advising law enforcement officers to be on the alert for people with almanacs: They might be terrorists.


What’s the difference between CreateMenu and CreatePopupMenu?

CreateMenu creates a horizontal menu bar, suitable for attaching to a top-level window. This is the sort of menu that says “File, Edit”, and so on. CreatePopupMenu creates a vertical popup menu, suitable for use as a submenu of another menu (either a horizontal menu bar or another popup menu) or as the root of…


At least the Danes know how to count

Even though Danish is impossible for me to pronounce, I do appreciate their stubborn resistance to decimalization. The number 71 is (I hope I get this right) “en og halvfjerdsindstyve”, literally, “one and half-four-times-twenty”, or more commonly, just “en og halvfjerds”. (Those familiar with other Germanic languages recognize “half-four” as meaning “three and a half”.)…


“Beam me up” is not yet recognized

How soon before this becomes standard equipment at Star Trek conventions? Vocera Communications Unveils Wearable, Instant Voice Communications Application “Enterprise environments are looking for applications that leverage their investment in wireless communication technologies and increase employee efficiency,” … Some of the basic calling features include: Call by name, “Call Bob Thomas.” Call by function, “Call…


What’s with those blank taskbar buttons that go away when I click on them?

Sometimes you’ll find a blank taskbar button that goes away when you click on it. What’s the deal with that? There are some basic rules on which windows go into the taskbar. In short: If the WS_EX_APPWINDOW extended style is set, then it will show (when visible). If the window is a top-level unowned window,…


Another privacy policy that isn’t very private

Today I read the privacy policy for Nuveen Investment Advisors. I like this part: We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about you to anyone, except as permitted by law. “Except as permitted by law”. How reassuring. Is it really necessary to have an official policy promising that that you won’t break the law?…


Danish so-called “pronunciation”

Of course my real goal in studying German and Swedish is eventually to have all of Denmark surrounded. (After Swedish, the next most likely nearby targets are Norwegian and Dutch.) All I know about Denmark I learned from Swedes. Well, if you don’t count one Danish co-worker, who moved back to Denmark several years ago. The…


How to hide privacy violations in a privacy disclosure statement

I’m looking over my Fidelity privacy disclosure statement, titled “Our commitment to privacy”. Google is amazing: It found a copy online: Our Commitment to Privacy. Scroll down to How and Why We Obtain Personal Information, fourth bullet point: Information services and consumer reporting agencies (for example, to verify your identity, to assess your creditworthiness or…