A (super rough) Christmas Present

It’s 1:22 AM. I think I’m getting sick. I’m flying out for California tomorrow. Haven’t packed yet. And I’m coding. Some ideas you just have to get working before you can put them down. In no way is this beatiful code. The end-to-end is pretty interesting, though. When I’m back from Cali, I’ll clean it…


Chat with the WPF team tomorrow

Our holiday gift to you: listening. Tomorrow (Dec 21) 12:30 – 1:30 PM Pacific Time. Details: http://msdn.microsoft.com/chats/ Add to Calendar (As always, Tim is much more thorough than I.)


New hotness, random musings

Interacting with 2D on 3D in WPF Holy hotness! Check out details on the WPF3D Blog Check out the Channel9 interview Check out the CodePlex project (and download the toys) Go build games for your XBOX Too many links. A great write-up on FierceDeveloper. Almost makes me want to buy a 360. (But then I…


WPF PivotTable

Bea’s intern this summer (Tomasz) wrote a sweet WPF control: PivotTable. I haven’t had a chance to dig into the implementation, but the demo was amazing. Check it out on the WPF Community Site. (Bea also has a cool sample of a Color Picker control…without a control. Booyah for binding!)


Snoop + IronPython = "OH MY GOD!"

(Thanks to Rob for the pointer.) Check out Matt’s blog. I’m speechless. Amazing.


KevinButton, etc.

KevinButton Robby and I were hanging out at TechEd in Boston. Randomly I say, “Hey, we should put more people in buttons.” Long story short, Robby hacks away on some XAML and gets laughs at my expense during his talk. Back in Redmond, Robby shows the button to Tim. Tim thinks it would be a…


Cleaning up your theme files with MergeDictionary

Once you get the resources for more than one control in generic.xaml, things can get a bit messy. What one really wants: split up your resources into separate dictionaries for each control. I do this as part of the latest bag-o-tricks. I should get Lauren or Ashish to fill in the details about the “source”…


Handling old projects when you upgrade to a new .NET Framework CTP

I’m sure we all love this dialog after a CTP refresh: The issue is that the project types have changed out from under your project. How do you fix it? Well, don’t recreate your project from scratch, instead, reload the project. Now remove the line with the ProjectTypeGuids. Finally, reload the project. You should be…


Hello Tuesday

Control Licensing in Cider (WPF designer for VS) James provides some great information on supporting licensing for controls in WPF. Jamie is blogging like a mad man Jamie is going through some old posts by Bea and updating them for recent bits. He also walks through how everything works in EID (Expression Interactive Designer). DataModel-View-ViewModel…


Random musings.

July CTP Bag-O-TricksWow! People seem to be enjoying it…or at least downloading it. Let me know what you think. (I don’t know what to do about adding more samples, though. What comes after eleventy?) Charles is Having FunAnimated drawing brushed. Beautiful XAML-only samples. Take a look. Recent Channel 9 Data Goodness SQL Everywhere – [Video]…