Beta2 is Live!

Hopefully I wasn’t too subtle yesterday. As of this morning, we are live with Beta2 of Vista, which means Beta2 of WinFX (which includes WPF) is also live. Go! Download! Quick! Before they run out! You can also download the May 2006 CTP of Expression Interactive Designer (which targets WPF). Have fun!


Coming to TechEd? I’ll be there!

As Rob has already mentioned, I’m talking at TechEd. I’m giving two talks. Data Visualization in WPF (with help from Robby and Bea) This is 6/13 from 2:45pm to 4pm. Building Data-Driven Apps with WPF This is my shot at Namita’s talk from the PDC. (She did an amazing job, so I have much to…


Books on WPF

Mehrdad is looking for some WPF books.I know of two: Programming Windows Presentation Foundation XAML in a Nutshell …and of course, Chris Anderson is busy working on his book. I expect that once Beta2 hits the road, we’ll see a lot more books on WPF and WinFX. I can’t wait for Beta2…much cool stuff to…


Do you subclass ItemsControl? Keep reading.

ItemsControl has a protected virtual GetContainerForItemOverride that takes an object parameter. In all in-box WPF controls, this parameter is ignored and a cookie-cutter container is returned. While it’s currently possible for control authors to change the container they return depending on the object provided, we’ve never seen this done. We have an opportunity to optimize…


TreeListView – Scary Cool Control Mash-up in WPF

As promised, the ATC team has posted another ListView sample. This sample is amazing because it doesn’t involve ListView at all. Instead, it uses the primitives we designed for ListView–namely GridViewColumn and GridViewRowPresenter. The code required here is amazingly small for the flexibility of the end experience. The lessons here are important for control authors:…


WPF ListView Rocks!

No control in our library demonstrates the power of WPF more than ListView. It is the example of how element composition can be leveraged to make amazingly beautiful and amazingly flexible experiences. Check out the inaugural post from our friends in the Advanced Technology Center in Beijing. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this…


Updated Bag-O-Tricks for WinFX Februrary CTP

In case you haven’t heard, the WinFX February CTP has been released. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for! Go! Get it! Now! Alright, as is the custom, I’ve posted a new and improved drop of my Bag-O-Tricks. In this release: TreeView Double-click – Lot’s of people seem to want to…


Robby and Me on Channel 9

We’re not nearly as entertaining as Don and Chris, but Robby and I are in another video on Channel 9 (our last one was on MSDN TV). This time we talk about our experiences with Windows programming, the web and the power/flexibility/extensibility of WPF. It was a fun conversation. Robby is giving a talk at…


In other news…

Our friends from Max have been busy. Not only are they cranking away at a beautiful WinFX app, but they’re taking time to blog about their adventures. Ben has blogged about IScrollInfo [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]. If you are making your own panel and want a ScrollViewer to party over it, start here….


MSDN TV: The Power of Templates in Windows Presentation Foundation

Robert and I just got posted to MSDN TV. We do a talk on the Power of Templates in Windows Presentation Foundation. If you want to look at my sample (the folder picker), just download my Bag-o-Tricks. It’s one of the samples in there. If you want to download Robby’s sample, please be patient. He’s…