Reasons to submit error reports

Punish your Microsoft developer Okay, so submitting bug reports isn’t quite this gratifying, but I know from a lot of first-hand experience that these reports are amazingly helpful. We feel your pain…if not literally.


Use the March CTP ISO without burning it

I downloaded the March CTP off of to make sure I was running exactly what our customers got. I was surprised to see that the package was an ISO. Instead of burning the ISO to CD, I remembered a little tool that I used in college: Daemon Tools. It lets your mount ISOs as…


Keyboard access to Office smart tags

I love that Office (particularly Word) allows me to paste content in many formats. However, accessing the associated smart tag with the mouse after Ctrl-V breaks my keyboard flow. After a bit of searching I found Alt+Shift+F10 opens up the smart tag menu, letting you choose to “Keep text only” or do whatever you want….


Get great deals on Rolex watches!

Kidding… Adobe makes some amazing Windows applications, but am I the only one who would like web-hosted PDFs to open outside the browser? After a quick search, I found the simple solution (for v6.0 at least) Open Adobe (Acrobat) Reader from the start menu Edit > Preferences Select “Internet” Un-check “Display PDF in browser” While…


File sharing on XP

I found a great walk-through on how to enable file sharing on Windows XP. Besides this article, there are a number of other great resources for Internet Connection Sharing, among others. Take a look: I’ve found file sharing on Windows to be feast or famine: either it works great right off the bat…


Tired of Spam? Get sneaky…

Microsoft is serious about spam, but one can always use more help. I’ve been using Sneakemail since my senior year of college. It works great. Create an account on sneakemail. When a web site asks for your email address instead of giving them your actual ISP account, go to sneakemail and create a forwarding address….


Running Server 2003 on your desktop? Disable Shutdown Event Tracking

I love running the highest performance, most stable OS Microsoft has ever produced on my desktop. The problem: a lot of the features that make a sense for a server OS, make little sense for a desktop.   An example is the Display Shutdown Event Tracker. This feature is pretty self explanatory–a great way to…


Play your favorite music when you launch Windows Media Player

Our friends in Media Player have done a fine job with Media Player 9. One slight problem: I think they got their first use experience a little wrong. Usually when I launch Media Player, I want to listen to my music, not watch a trailer for Scooby Doo 2. You can go to Tools >…


Must have Windows Utility — Process Explorer

Since I work in the OS division, I image my work machines quite often. (Not as often as a lot of our test team, but more than most people.) Besides putting my task bar at the top of the Window and switching my keyboard to Dvorak, there are also a set of utilities I download…


Be thankful for cool Windows tricks…

First, a simple one: you can drag a file or folder from Explorer to the CMD window. The path to that file/folder will appear as text which you can use in a command. Pretty spiffy. Second, short-cuts to the Run command in the start menu. 1) You can drag-drop the run command straight to your quick-launch…