The Distributed Library Project

How many books do you have that you haven’t touched in the last [insert double-digit number] months? Exactly! These clever kids have implemented an idea I was toying with last year: a distributed library. The name for their project: Distributed Library Project [I said they were clever]. There are many sites set up around cities….


Have you heard of BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is one of my all-time favorite OSS applications. I think it is a concept that hasn’t fully reached it’s potential. I’ve never been able to throttle my pipe at work, but with this thing I was downloading at almost a megaBYTE/sec. Check out the introduction. If only Windows Update used this…


Mozilla 1.5 is out today

I’m a lover of all things software, regardless of their origin or licensing. Mozilla 1.5 came out today and I happily downloaded it. Seems like the only improvements are in Tabs, but I’ve been more and more impressed with each new release. Check it out.