Updated Bag-o-Tricks for January

In celebration of the availability of the January CTP of VS "Orcas", I've updated the bag-o-tricks.

(Actually, it's because I'm stuck at home, but I wanted an excuse to mention the VS CTP.)

Download here: http://j832.com/bagotricks/

Have fun!

New: Zap Scroller

(Cleaned up my Christmas present for public consumption.)

I've seen this trick done in flash quite a bit. I wanted to play with animating the "current item" in an ItemsControl. I also wanted to model a method for exposing a preview of all of the items in an ItemsControl.

I steal and extend some of the command tricks I used it "List Pager". Let me know what you think.

Updated: Graph

A couple of bug fixes. When you set the center node to null, I clear out the lines right away. New nodes come in randomly instead of at the same spot.

This post brought to you by: Windows Live Writer, Paint .NET, and .NET Reflector

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  1. While working on some WPF/E stuff for a side project of mine, I came across this post by Karsten Januszewski

  2. Two collegues of mine at Avanade , Hong Tan and Greg Ferguson, did a demo of WPF for the students at

  3. Bryant has a new WPF/E sample on his site. This is a WPF/E remake of the Kevin button (I was actually

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