Kevin’s WPF Bag-o-Tricks

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Update your bookmarks and blog readers–I’m moving

Lake Okoboji is freezing over indefinitely. In an effort to unify all the random stuff I do, I’ve rolled my WPF blogging under my (vanity) domain. Point your favorites and feed aggregators to See you on the other side!


Updates to 2 must-have applications! Both managed code! Both free (as in beer)!

Paint.NET ROCKS! I can’t imagine ever paying for Photoshop. Now in version 3.0. The killer new feature: MDI. Awesome. Reflector .NET ROCKS! (Via Chris, Via Chris.) Take a look at the PowerPoint deck for full details of v5.0. The killer new feature: Full C# v3.0 support. Awesome.


Windows Vista: What Should WebSite Hosters Do?

Check out Rob’s blog on instructions for ISP’s (or anyone that runs a server) on how to host WPF content (XBaps, XPS docs, etc). If you’re a WPF fan, link to this post. T’would be good to build awareness on this topic.


On ItemTemplate, ContentTemplate, DataTemplate

A recent forum post asked how one could build out ItemsControl-like functionality in a custom control. Let me start from the basics. ContentPresenter presents content. If you give it a UIElement (Grid, Button, Border) it will just display it. Easy enough. If you give it “data” (Customer, Order, Int32) it will display it using a…


Programmer Don’t Like to Code

Forgot what link brought me here, but I was quite impressed with the analysis. Programmer’s Don’t Like to Code …they like problem solving. If programmers liked to code, we’d all be writing in machine language to this day. You can write that stuff all day and get precious little of the real problem solved. If…


Updated Bag-o-Tricks for January

In celebration of the availability of the January CTP of VS “Orcas”, I’ve updated the bag-o-tricks. (Actually, it’s because I’m stuck at home, but I wanted an excuse to mention the VS CTP.) Download here: Have fun! New: Zap Scroller (Cleaned up my Christmas present for public consumption.) I’ve seen this trick done in…