A (super rough) Christmas Present

It's 1:22 AM. I think I'm getting sick. I'm flying out for California tomorrow. Haven't packed yet.

And I'm coding.

Some ideas you just have to get working before you can put them down.

In no way is this beatiful code. The end-to-end is pretty interesting, though.

When I'm back from Cali, I'll clean it up and put it in the Bag-o-Tricks.

In the mean time, have fun playing with ZapScroller.

Playing with control templates + commands + custom animation.

Build. Run. Let me know if you think I'm crazy.

In the mean time, have a safe New Year.

See you on the other side!


Comments (1)

  1. In celebration of the availability of the January CTP of VS "Orcas" , I’ve updated the bag-o-tricks.

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