The Bag, the Blogs, the Betas

The Bag

Glad to see people are downloading the RC1 rev of the bag-o-tricks.

Thanks for the love. (Always love to hear I have "nice code".) I've already gone down another level on some of the layout tricks I use to get the animation working with layout. I plan on more updates (and hopefully a code walk-through) in the near future.

Is there a particular demo in the bag-o-tricks that you'd like me to walk through? I was thinking a screen cast would be a good place to start.

Let me know.

The Blogs

Some great blogging happening in WPF land.

  • Rob's making me look bad. Great info. Now that I sit next door to him in building 10, maybe I can distract him from his constant posting.
  • Mike Hillberg is a god. (Not the God, just a god.) Not only his he technically brilliant, he's amazingly thorough and a really nice guy. Talk about team mates that make me look bad. (Update: Yes, that's Mike, not Hike.)
  • the WPF blog. Great use of XBAP for demos. Some...uh..."interesting" content. 🙂
  • The Windows Shell: Revealed. Not a WPF blog, but pretty darn cool. My buddy Vinny put it together. Great information about the face of Windows Vista.

The Betas

Happy Tuesday.

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