How you can tell the bolts are tightening

I tested the latest rev of the bag-o-tricks on Vista RC1 (which included the .NET Framework 3.0 RC1) with VS 2005 RTM. I just did an install of .NET 3.0 September CTP + Orcas tools (“Cider”) September CTP + VS 2005 SP1 Beta on my XP machine at home. All of the samples still build…


The Bag, the Blogs, the Betas

The Bag Glad to see people are downloading the RC1 rev of the bag-o-tricks. Thanks for the love. (Always love to hear I have “nice code”.) I’ve already gone down another level on some of the layout tricks I use to get the animation working with layout. I plan on more updates (and hopefully a…


Update to Bag-O-Tricks for RC1

As promised, I’ve updated the bag-o-tricks. Download now. Updates HexHex had a few rough edges that I cleaned up. Thanks to fun with MultiDataTrigger, I removed the need for a special “HexButton”. I also cleaned up a bunch of stuff that I must have wrote while drinking…or maybe I’ve just learned a lot in the…


WPF PivotTable

Bea’s intern this summer (Tomasz) wrote a sweet WPF control: PivotTable. I haven’t had a chance to dig into the implementation, but the demo was amazing. Check it out on the WPF Community Site. (Bea also has a cool sample of a Color Picker control…without a control. Booyah for binding!)


Update to the bag-o-tricks…soon…I promise…

I’ve been busy hacking on a bunch of stuff. I have updates in the cue. (Some really cool stuff.) I promise. Give me just a bit longer.


Snoop + IronPython = "OH MY GOD!"

(Thanks to Rob for the pointer.) Check out Matt’s blog. I’m speechless. Amazing.