Cleaning up your theme files with MergeDictionary

Once you get the resources for more than one control in generic.xaml, things can get a bit messy. What one really wants: split up your resources into separate dictionaries for each control. I do this as part of the latest bag-o-tricks. I should get Lauren or Ashish to fill in the details about the “source”…


Handling old projects when you upgrade to a new .NET Framework CTP

I’m sure we all love this dialog after a CTP refresh: The issue is that the project types have changed out from under your project. How do you fix it? Well, don’t recreate your project from scratch, instead, reload the project. Now remove the line with the ProjectTypeGuids. Finally, reload the project. You should be…


Hello Tuesday

Control Licensing in Cider (WPF designer for VS) James provides some great information on supporting licensing for controls in WPF. Jamie is blogging like a mad man Jamie is going through some old posts by Bea and updating them for recent bits. He also walks through how everything works in EID (Expression Interactive Designer). DataModel-View-ViewModel…


Random musings.

July CTP Bag-O-TricksWow! People seem to be enjoying it…or at least downloading it. Let me know what you think. (I don’t know what to do about adding more samples, though. What comes after eleventy?) Charles is Having FunAnimated drawing brushed. Beautiful XAML-only samples. Take a look. Recent Channel 9 Data Goodness SQL Everywhere – [Video]…


DatePicker and expand-a-node in TreeView: updates to the Bag-O-Tricks for the July CTP

I promised you I’d get these in “this week”. I guess, depending on how you split the weeks, I delivered. Most of the details are in the post on the Community Site for WPF. DatePicker/MonthCalendar were implemented by our friends in the Advanced Technology Center in Beijing. Thanks, guys. I added a helper class to…


XBAP video on Channel 9

Check out the video of Lauren and Karen talking about XBAPs (WPF in the browser) on Channel 9.


IE 7: Cool to Wicked Cool

I’ve been happily crankin’ along with IE 7 Beta2 for a while now. I just upgraded to IE7 Beta3. Wow! Demonstrably faster. I just feels tight and crisp. Go download…quick…now… FYI: make sure you un-install any previous IE7 Betas before you try this one. Oh, and I’m hoping to have an update to the bag-o-tricks…


Reasons to submit error reports

Punish your Microsoft developer Okay, so submitting bug reports isn’t quite this gratifying, but I know from a lot of first-hand experience that these reports are amazingly helpful. We feel your pain…if not literally.


Better performance for large data sets in Selector (ListBox, ListView, etc)

We’ve had feedback from a number of people about enumerations of the entire collection and calls to Contains/IndexOf in controls that derive from Selector. This has caused headaches for those that want to roll their own virtualization solutions for these controls. I have some good news and some better news. The good news: you’ll notice…


Hardware-accelerated transparent windows – Hot!

Nick and Lauren have both blogged about one of the coolest "late" features in WPF: hardware-accelerated layered windows. Download a sample from Lauren’s blog. As with every cool feature in WPF, please use responsibly. I can imagine this getting out of hand.