A WinFX Bag-O-Tricks

It's been pretty quiet around the office this week. I've had a chance to do some updating and clean-up on a bunch of samples that I've created over the last several months.

I've decided to roll up all of my samples into one application. This will make it much easier to roll changes forward as we make new releases of WinFX availible.

I have a few new tricks up my sleeve. Hopefully I'll get to those next week.

My second game.
Mine Sweeper
My first game.
XAML T-Shirt
This sample is super simple, but that's the point. It's just a styled HeaderedContentControl.
Animating Tile Panel
A cool demonstration of a custom Panel and CompositionTargets.Rendering
Folder Picker
Showing off DataTemplates, INotifyPropertyChanged, and lots of Binding.

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