London Avalon Enthusiasts Dinner

Do you live in or around London?
Are you interested in Avalon?
Have you been playing with the November CTP?
Would you like to meet a Program Manager on the Avalon team? Ask questions, give feedback, make suggestions?

I’m going to be doing some travel (for pleasure) in Europe the end of this month. I’m in London a single night before I fly back to the States and I thought it would be great to meet Avalon enthusiasts (and aspiring enthusiasts) for dinner in London on Monday, 28 February. I’m thinking a bit late in the evening: perhaps 7 or 8pm.

If you are interested, please use the contact link to let me know you are interested (make sure to include your email address).

If you can recommend a good restaurant or pub that is centrally located that would be great.

I will make a list of people and send out details next week.

I’m excited to meet you and hear your feedback.


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