File sharing on XP

I found a great walk-through on how to enable file sharing on Windows XP.

Besides this article, there are a number of other great resources for Internet Connection Sharing, among others. Take a look:

I've found file sharing on Windows to be feast or famine: either it works great right off the bat or you run into any number of un-explainable errors with no obvious way forward.

Thankfully there is a whole team in Windows (of which I’m a part) working to improve the file sharing experience for Longhorn. To quote another PM on my team, “our goal for LH should be that it doesn’t take a 10 page technical discussion to get sharing to work.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Comments (3)

  1. As well as making the process easier to set up I believe that a single diagnostic tool that is easy to understand would assist home users in setting this up. Currently you need to go through the usual tests:

    1. Is the network card driver loaded and working?

    2. Is the network cable connected and functioning from the network card’s perspective?

    3. Can you ping the other machine by it’s IP address?

    4. Can you ping it by it’s name?

    5. Can you connect to a share that doesn’t have any ACLs on the other machine?

    6. Can you connect to a share that does have ACLs on the other machine?

    A daunting task for a novice…

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