Officelabs and the search tab for Office 2007

Every day on the blogsphere (I hate that word) I see one topic of discussion come up a lot.  I have talked about it often too – how to make the transition to the new UI.  There is good debate to be had about why we needed to make this switch from the traditional menus…


Excel users can all pivot

So after the third person in a week stopped me in the corridor while I was walking from the coffee shop to lunch etc. to interrupt me from my clearly very busy and important schedule only to ask me how to do calculations on data in a pivot table, I started thinking, what is it…


Jensen shows off his new fluent look

The UI god (and thoroughly nice bloke) that is Jensen Harris  has put together a new demo video that shows off the new Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface including “the ribbon”.  Apart from the annoying lift music backing track which made me want to either smash something  do some embarrassing dad-dancing at my desk The demo…


MindJet MindManager 7 becomes Fluent with the ribbon: interview

  The upcoming version 7 of MindJet MindManager, the popular visualisation tool releases on 31st May.  One of its key selling points is the use of the new Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. I caught up with Rob Furnivall from MindJet (above and left) to get the inside track. Welcome, Rob, please introduce yourself and…


Classic mode for 2007

There’s been some talk today about the add on for Office 2007 which reverts back to classic mode.  In their own words: Could not see the main menu and any toolbar in Microsoft® Office® 2007? Just download and install this software, you will see and enjoy classic menu and toolbars of Microsoft Office 2007 (include…


Coping with change

Some things change I have a lot of debates at the moment about how hard it will be for people and companies to adjust to the new release of Office.  The first discussion usually surrounds the new user interface and how different it is.  I’m not going to go over all the reasons behind the…


How the "ribbon is dead" myth was born and died

Jensen finally puts this one to rest as he confirmed to me last week.  It is interesting how these things happen.  Thankfully because blogging is a conversation we can sort this out. 


Ribbon myths and rumours dispelled

There has been a little flurry of rumours on the blogsphere including the ever excitable slashdot that we have radically changed the ribbon, making it much smaller.  Some are saying that we are even backing away from the ribbon or that we received “complaints” that it was too big. I’ve checked with the source that…