OneNote power toys

nice little summary of OneNote powertoys that the guys in the OneNote testing team have written over on John Guin’s blog.

Working on more than one PC

Back from holiday now – hence the lack of blogging for a few weeks. I’ve been fantasising about buying a new desktop PC for home along with a cool new monitor.  I have my eye on a dell vostro Intel Core 2 Duo 3Ghz, 2Gb RAM with one of the new 24" widescreen monitors.  Ideally…


Office tips gadget available

Quite a nice new gadget to help you get more from Office 2007.


RSS feeds in Outlook 2007

Good little article on how to augment the RSS feeds capability of Outlook 2007 using search folders for greater control.


Windows Live Photo Gallery

Chris Adams, who sits next to me at work, got tickets to the rugby final on Saturday (lucky boy) – sound like it was even better than my wembley experience.  He took some pictures of the stadium and then used Windows Live Photo Gallery to automagically stitch the 6 constituent photos together.  Check out this…


Wembley, Disintermediation, Blog Acne and FeedDemon

One of the most exciting experiences in my life was being in the front row at Wembley on Saturday to see England beat Estonia 3-0.  Nothing could have prepared me for the sheer visceral excitement of being so close to the pitch in an 86,655 crowd.  The stadium is absolutely stunning and to be this…


The pen is mightier than the mouse

Interesting freebie got delivered to me today from Wacom.  They’ve decided to send me one of their new Bamboo tablet pads. I do get asked from time to time how to start using ink without a tablet PC.  Even with a tablet PC, when docked it is handy to have a pen surface flat on…


Man pines for abandoned electronic dog

The Arthur C Clarke/Stephen Baxter novel “Time’s Eye” is a bit of a silly story which brings people of all different times together onto the same planet, resulting in Alexander the Great meeting the British Army and Genghis Kahn meeting astronauts from 2037.  Silly but fun – ideal beach/plane reading.  The 2037 people have a artificially intelligent device with…


Encarta instant answers

Really cool new Encarta bot for Windows Live messenger.  Just add to your windows live messenger contacts and then you can ask it your homework questions.  It also opens up the Encarta page for you in a control in the chat window.  Very cool.  


Random roundup.. June 5th 2007

“Open battle will boost compatibility” writes the Guardian computer editor, Jack Schofield in a computer weekly article.  Open XML will never win over ODF proponents: nothing would. However, the new formats are more open, more accessible and more standardised than the old binary ones. Pragmatists, at least, will welcome them as a step in the…