Random catch up 22nd Feb

Skydrive comes out of beta Beta is over for http://skydrive.live.com and the new version increases the storage by 4Gb to 5Gb! I use this to put my presentations in on the right column on the blog – easy to imbed the link with the icon Interoperability announcements there is a lot to read about here….


Acquisition of FAST – what the analysts said

In a $1.2bn purchase, Microsoft is offering to acquire the Norwegian enterprise search company Fast Search and Transfer (FAST).  This is being reviewed as a very positive move by the industry analysts as it more or less completes our end to end search offerings.  From free search all the way up to sophisticated niche search…


Can you all update your sections of the document and email it back to me?

Professional life teaches you to make adjustments to your normal mode of working at times.  Sometimes you have to adapt your style and consciously do things differently.  If you’ve ever worked in a big blue chip, you will be familiar with this kind of coaching.  If you tend to fly off the handle, you learn…


WSS 3.0 will be a separate download

We announced today that we’re pulling the WSS 3.0 bits out of Windows Server 2008 RC1 onward.  No real change here, it will still be available free as a download and no change to the licensing but WSS won’t be on the Server media any more.  Not exactly sure why we’ve done this but I…


Training on SharePoint and InfoPath

I’ve decided to blog smaller items a bit more often as they occur to me so here’s a question I answered today which might help others – where can I get some training on SharePoint and InfoPath? Good place to start is the online training at office online Try http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/training/results.aspx?av=TRN000&qu=infopath&nf=1 And http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/training/results.aspx?qu=sharepoint&av=TRN000 Sharepoint you’ll find…


Davis Langdon MOSS 2007 story

Construction consultants at Davis Langdon are renowned for delivering high-profile, high-value projects. They are involved in a number of well-known projects such as the London Olympics in 2012. The company’s United Kingdom operation provides consultancy advice on thousands of projects—each involving thousands of e-mails, cost and project plans, correspondence, planning specifications, customer consultations, and drawings. …


Random roundup 20th August 2007

sorry been a busy week but here’s the wheat without the chaff – frankly I was bored by most of the stuff in my inbox this week but there a few glimmers here:   Office 2007 sp1 has gone out to beta testers.  Seems to be stable and does make things feel a bit pacier…


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

It’s the first week of the new financial year at Microsoft, typically the time when we all get our new objectives, people move jobs and when the music stops, we try to remap the landscape.  Every coffee shop on campus is jammed with people chatting and every calendar filled with clandestine “catch up 1:1” meetings….


Office Live – Live interview

As Office Live comes out of beta, I thought it would be good to catch up on the latest news.  Today I’m joined by Mr Office Live himself – Tim Kimber to tell us more: Hi Tim, perhaps you’d like to introduce yourself and what you do? I’m the Office Live Business & Marketing lead…


Blogcast: Protect and manage content

I must confess I was a bit hungover when I recorded this one so I do suggest you run it speeded up (ctrl-shift-G) to cut down my pause for thought gaps.  This really is a very important topic so I apologise for not sounding more exuberant while demoing it.  In this blogcast I cover a…