Random catch up 22nd Feb

Skydrive comes out of beta Beta is over for http://skydrive.live.com and the new version increases the storage by 4Gb to 5Gb! I use this to put my presentations in on the right column on the blog – easy to imbed the link with the icon Interoperability announcements there is a lot to read about here….


Random roundup of Office news 18th Jan 2008

Office Quiz I’m liking Ian Moulster’s quiz on Office 2007.  How many can you get – even I struggled with some of them.  He’s going to publish the answers next week.. Progress of Office Open XML We are busy preparing for the Ballot Resolution Meeting on the ISO Office Open XML ratification progress.  A few…


Random roundup post Christmas

Hope you had a great Christmas and happy New Year.  I certainly did not work during the break so here is a collection of stuff that I thought was interesting in my inbox when I got back to work today. "A Santa without Excel is like a scrawny kid without a wedgie" I thought I…


Random roundup 20th August 2007

sorry been a busy week but here’s the wheat without the chaff – frankly I was bored by most of the stuff in my inbox this week but there a few glimmers here:   Office 2007 sp1 has gone out to beta testers.  Seems to be stable and does make things feel a bit pacier…


Random roundup July 19th 2007

things I read today.. New ways to sell Office Interesting article with some good quotes from Chris Cap about the future.  “We’re very happy to be the leading vendor in the space and we want to continue to be the leading vendor in the space,” he said. “We look at everything from ad-funded software to…


BT Vision and Microsoft TV

I met up with my friend Julian Kirby-Johnson today for a catch up on what he’s doing.  Julian works  on the BT Vision project – he’s the project manager for the delivery of the integrated solution to BT, working into the US.  The BT Vision product is developed by joint investment between Microsoft TV and…


Random roundup..23rd May 2007

I feel I should wait until the weekend to do random roundups but just back from holiday and there is too much stacked up so here it is early for once 🙂 Study shows open source devs don’t want GPL 3.0 to enforce patents The ongoing debate over patent abuse by open source takes an…


Random Roundup 22nd April 2007

This week’s inbox detritus for your viewing pleasure.. Taxis Our free New Day taxi campaign got some good coverage at itpro, vnu and tech.co.uk (thanks for the quotes guys) as well as a slightly painfully contrived article criticising us for polluting the planet.  He may not be convinced but Robert Blackburn (MD of Capgemini) said at the launch how the power…


Random roundup – Friday 13th April

pretty boring week this week IMHO but here’s what flushed through my inbox..have a good weekend 🙂 New Lotus Notes Migration suite released Some of this has been available for a while I think but there a few new things and now the transporter suite is all available to download together. This includes: Microsoft Application…


Random roundup 7th April

This week, things that have crossed my inbox which i though were interesting – you might too: The Knights that say NdNo A new advertising campaign has launched called “New Day, New Office”.  Microsoft internally, in keeping with it’s obsession with reducing everything to an acronym seems to be referring to this as the NdNo…