Office Live Workspace beta out today

Before you get too excited, this is only launching in the US however this is still an important milestone as it means the functionality is public.  If you preregistered for Office Live Workspace in the US you will be able to start using the service today.  I have been using it for a month or…


The Jelly effect and the top 10 most used PowerPoint commands

I really enjoyed having a beer with Andy Bounds last night.  Andy is an inspirational communications coach and author of the best selling new business title “The Jelly Effect, How to make your communication stick”.  He says he became obsessed with good communication growing up wanting to describe things to his Mum who is blind. …


Google don’t use their own stuff – so why should you?

This amused me today from a friend of mine who noticed this.  A job application on the Google website for the “Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, – San Francisco” Check out point 3 from the mandatory job qualifications: Requirements: 5-8 years administrative experience in a fast-paced, high-tech environment; non-profit experience is a plus….


Selling out

Remember that episode of the apprentice when they had to sell stuff on a shopping channel? Well it was my turn on Saturday night when I appeared on QVC’s Small Office Home Office show to sell Home and Student Edition at the very good price of £63.24.  It was good experience and there are few…


Lazy Bullet-Pointers abuse of Power.

A rather good article posted on presentationzen this week talked about new research from the University of NSW on “Cognitive Load Theory” which more or less says it’s hard to read and listen at the same time.  Some slightly lazy journalism resulted in leaping from that to the sensationalist “PowerPoint is dead” type headlines.  The…


Blogcast: my launch demo

For the launch of Exchange Server 2007, Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system, I put together this demo and have been hawking it round pretty much every event since (well that’s just good reuse right?). This demo required a fair amount of stuff installed on the virtual PC including Exchange Server 2007 and…


Nobody likes a SmartArt: 2 top tips

Two things I learnt today. Excel in dual screen If you are working on two excel spreadsheets you can run two instances of Excel at the same time.  Don’t launch Excel by clicking on the file or from recent documents but instead just launch the application first and then open the spreadsheet from office button,…


February top customer support calls on Office

Every month I get a report from support which tells me what the most common support issues are with my product.  Now that the 2007 release is out, we are starting to get some more support calls and a few issues come up regularly and are therefore worth a post I thought. Office 2007 over…


First Look: 2007 Microsoft Office system

I’ve decided to create a new book review category and tell you what I think of the new books.  As I’m given books to review by publishers, I’ll write a review. Title: First Look at 2007 Microsoft Office system.  Author: Katherine Murray Publisher: MS Press Price: £9.89 What does it cover and who is it for?…


Power Pointer

Following on from my recent Death by PowerPoint post which was all about making presentations better for the audience – here’s one for the nerdy presenter. I’m loving my new toy, the Microsoft Presenter 3000 device. I can’t find it anywhere online unfortunately (add a comment if you can) but it is very cool. It…