Microsoft support for ISO Open XML

seems to be a good deal of chatter recently about our support for the modified version of Open XML that resulted from the rigorous ratification process.  The best summary of the story I found is over on Oliver Bell’s blog here so I won’t retype it here. I guess people do just expect Microsoft to…


Random catch up 22nd Feb

Skydrive comes out of beta Beta is over for and the new version increases the storage by 4Gb to 5Gb! I use this to put my presentations in on the right column on the blog – easy to imbed the link with the icon Interoperability announcements there is a lot to read about here….


The crazy world of Open XML

With the ballot resolution later this month, the temperature is high around the issues on Open XML.  On our side we believe that Open XML is solving a different problem to ODF and so we supported it through fast track.  IBM and others have decided to see this as a "war on standards" – mad…


Random roundup of Office news 18th Jan 2008

Office Quiz I’m liking Ian Moulster’s quiz on Office 2007.  How many can you get – even I struggled with some of them.  He’s going to publish the answers next week.. Progress of Office Open XML We are busy preparing for the Ballot Resolution Meeting on the ISO Office Open XML ratification progress.  A few…


Burton group analyst house strongly comes out in support of Office Open XML

The Burton Group, a respected AR firm targeting the enterprise technologist, has published “What’s up .doc—ODF, Open XML and the Revolutionary Implications of XML in Productivity Applications”—a 35+ page examination of document formats, most notably ODF and Open XML.  This is a very interesting read.  Guy Creese, one of the authors has blogged about it…


Great new blog – Gray matter

Some blogs you wait a long time for and here is one.  Gray Knowlton, Group product manager in Office has started a blog.  Gray is a top guy, funny, very smart and with lots of good perspectives to share.  He is working on Office Open XML, the new open file format used in Microsoft Office,…


Xbox 360s for Open XML solutions

While I’m talking about developers, it looks like the UK developer team are giving away Xbox 360s to partners that have Office Open XML solutions.  Surely every open xml developer already has an Xbox 360? Anyway if you have or are thinking about building a solution on Office Open XML, here is the link.


Office 2007 file formats on Windows Mobile 6

At last, the Office mobile 6.1 update is here that lets us use the new file formats (open and edit xlsx and docx and just view pptx) on Windows Mobile devices.  It works on windows pocket pc 5 and windows mobile 6.  Download here. Jason aka mr mobile, has all the detail and this time…


Intelligencia for Office 2007 uses Open XML

I’ve spoken about IT Workplace before.  If you are interested in seeing an Office Business Application in action, have a look at Intelligencia – they allow people to do data analysis from Word.  This relies on Open XML to store the settings in the document. They have some new demo and video content up on…


Ecma Open XML real world stories

This afternoon I was presenting at the Office Business Applications architects council with the good looking chaps on the right here.  I was talking about some of the stories I’ve come across from our customers and partners who are using Ecma Open XML in their solutions. I have 4 stories published recently about Ecma Open…