OneNote power toys

nice little summary of OneNote powertoys that the guys in the OneNote testing team have written over on John Guin’s blog.

Can you all update your sections of the document and email it back to me?

Professional life teaches you to make adjustments to your normal mode of working at times.  Sometimes you have to adapt your style and consciously do things differently.  If you’ve ever worked in a big blue chip, you will be familiar with this kind of coaching.  If you tend to fly off the handle, you learn…


Why does Home and Student edition not include Outlook?

Good question in today from Andrew Balgarnie – if you have a question or something you’d like me to comment on or look into just use the email link on the header. He says “Given how much you sing the praises of oneNote / outlook integration why doesn’t the home / student office bundle include…


First Look: 2007 Microsoft Office system

I’ve decided to create a new book review category and tell you what I think of the new books.  As I’m given books to review by publishers, I’ll write a review. Title: First Look at 2007 Microsoft Office system.  Author: Katherine Murray Publisher: MS Press Price: £9.89 What does it cover and who is it for?…


Blogging tools OneNote and SharePoint Server 2007

Blogging tools are all over the news today with the release of the new Microsoft blogging tool, Microsoft Windows Live Writer which is now in beta.  The tool is really great.  I am really impressed by it.  You just put in the URL to your blog and does the rest.  The editor seems to create…


Dump your stress this Easter

I just can’t stop telling you about OneNote.  It’s like we’ve found our first love again since 2007 beta 1.It’s a public holiday here in the UK today and Monday so here’s my Easter stress remedy for time-compressed hours in 4-day weeks.. At the beginning or end of the day (or both) try this: open a…


Blogcast: OneNote 2007

I’ve been meaning to record a OneNote 2007 demo for a while so here it is.  OneNote 2007 is a very important application now in Office.  You will see it is included in both the Home and Student Edition and in the Enterprise Edition.  It really is a very sophisticated product with superb integration with…