Office Live Small Business has >1M subscribers

Following on from my Office Live demo at the NCVO event, Tim Kimber sent me this today which is worth sharing I thought:   Microsoft Office Live Small Business has reached a pivotal milestone: In less than two years since its November 2006 commercial debut, the online service that helps entrepreneurs take, promote and manage…


Officelive for charities

Last Tuesday I was running a workshop at the joint Microsoft and NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) on "getting the most from online communities". Mainly I wanted to show people what can be done either free of charge or for very little money using the latest offerings from OfficeLive. See my interview with Tim…


Random catch up 22nd Feb

Skydrive comes out of beta Beta is over for and the new version increases the storage by 4Gb to 5Gb! I use this to put my presentations in on the right column on the blog – easy to imbed the link with the icon Interoperability announcements there is a lot to read about here….


3 new Office Live customer stories – training, the Algarve and premium fresh cocktails..

Three stories about small businesses using Office Live to get their businesses up and running.  Algarvesol – how a couple made renting out their apartment in Algarve a lot more professional with an online site with Office Live. Sublime – an enterprising pair who set up a mobile juice bar company expanded to sell premium…


Office Live Workspace beta out today

Before you get too excited, this is only launching in the US however this is still an important milestone as it means the functionality is public.  If you preregistered for Office Live Workspace in the US you will be able to start using the service today.  I have been using it for a month or…


Office Live – Live interview

As Office Live comes out of beta, I thought it would be good to catch up on the latest news.  Today I’m joined by Mr Office Live himself – Tim Kimber to tell us more: Hi Tim, perhaps you’d like to introduce yourself and what you do? I’m the Office Live Business & Marketing lead…


Office goes Live 15th Nov

We often talk about the 2007 Microsoft Office system as being the combination of servers, services and applications.  Office Live delivers on a lot of the services piece of this.  Yesterday we announced that it was going live in the US on November 15th.  In the UK it will enter in beta so you will…