New Excel MVP and user group

Good to see the Excel User Group site that is run by the new MVP for Excel, Nick Hodge. 


Office Live Workspace beta out today

Before you get too excited, this is only launching in the US however this is still an important milestone as it means the functionality is public.  If you preregistered for Office Live Workspace in the US you will be able to start using the service today.  I have been using it for a month or…


Google don’t use their own stuff – so why should you?

This amused me today from a friend of mine who noticed this.  A job application on the Google website for the “Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, – San Francisco” Check out point 3 from the mandatory job qualifications: Requirements: 5-8 years administrative experience in a fast-paced, high-tech environment; non-profit experience is a plus….


Selling out

Remember that episode of the apprentice when they had to sell stuff on a shopping channel? Well it was my turn on Saturday night when I appeared on QVC’s Small Office Home Office show to sell Home and Student Edition at the very good price of £63.24.  It was good experience and there are few…


Clean up with MOPPS

This week we launch Microsoft Office Performance Point Server 2007.  And what more fitting a way to celebrate than to give away coffee and muffins.  Tony Crowhurst, the product manager here for MOPPS  is going to have a busy day.  Is that an order coming through already Tony?  So I thought instead of telling you…


Excel users can all pivot

So after the third person in a week stopped me in the corridor while I was walking from the coffee shop to lunch etc. to interrupt me from my clearly very busy and important schedule only to ask me how to do calculations on data in a pivot table, I started thinking, what is it…


Pivot tables – they aren’t that hard

Since I mentioned using calculated fields in Excel, I’ve had a few questions through about what I meant.  I can see this is an area people are confused about with more people wanting me to record the steps in a video.  However, this is already part of the training which was the point of the…


Calculated fields and formulas in pivot tables

You’ve been meaning to get round to it for years haven’t you?  Did you realise that there are some brilliant training courses online that can help.  A much underadvertised resource IMHO is the office online training.  It takes you through the lesson with audio narration and flash demos, then there is a practice file to…


Better decisions faster: Blogcast demo

Continuing my series of blogcast demos, this week I am talking about business intelligence, showing how customers can derive more value from their data and turn information into insight.  Things I cover in this demo: Report Center in SharePoint Server Webparts in SharePoint Server Excel services, publishing spreadsheets to the browser Using Excel to drill…


Blogcast: my launch demo

For the launch of Exchange Server 2007, Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system, I put together this demo and have been hawking it round pretty much every event since (well that’s just good reuse right?). This demo required a fair amount of stuff installed on the virtual PC including Exchange Server 2007 and…