How to stop blogging and how to start again

I started the OfficeRocker blog to share our news as we built up to the launch of Office 2007.  I’ve tried to add perspective to any news I relay and stay true to this theme on the whole.  It has been amazing how well it took off too.  Last summer I did kind of just…


Great new blog – Gray matter

Some blogs you wait a long time for and here is one.  Gray Knowlton, Group product manager in Office has started a blog.  Gray is a top guy, funny, very smart and with lots of good perspectives to share.  He is working on Office Open XML, the new open file format used in Microsoft Office,…


Microsoft, we like you in your Dad jumper, just get off the dance floor

We thought we’d reach out to students with the incredible offer that became If you are not familiar with it – for anyone with a email address, you can get the Ultimate version of Microsoft Office (yes the one that normally costs £650 or so) for £38.95.  Let me say that again: Got…


Making a blog better

A lot has happened since I wrote my first post on OfficeRocker! two years ago.  I started blogging in the year preceding the launch of Office 2007 as a way to engage better with people and to explain what we are doing.  (see why I blog). I did a little talk this afternoon for…


RSS feeds in Outlook 2007

Good little article on how to augment the RSS feeds capability of Outlook 2007 using search folders for greater control.


Wembley, Disintermediation, Blog Acne and FeedDemon

One of the most exciting experiences in my life was being in the front row at Wembley on Saturday to see England beat Estonia 3-0.  Nothing could have prepared me for the sheer visceral excitement of being so close to the pitch in an 86,655 crowd.  The stadium is absolutely stunning and to be this…


Why do I blog?

I’m presenting at a blogging conference in a few weeks and as I thought about what I will say I started to ask myself why I bother?  Why blog?  What is it that makes me think this is a good idea?  If you are thinking of starting a blog, maybe this will help you decide:…