Random catch up 22nd Feb

Skydrive comes out of beta Beta is over for http://skydrive.live.com and the new version increases the storage by 4Gb to 5Gb! I use this to put my presentations in on the right column on the blog – easy to imbed the link with the icon Interoperability announcements there is a lot to read about here….


Office quiz – answers

Ian has posted the answers to his Office quiz – some of them are not quite right IMHO 🙂

Random roundup of Office news 18th Jan 2008

Office Quiz I’m liking Ian Moulster’s quiz on Office 2007.  How many can you get – even I struggled with some of them.  He’s going to publish the answers next week.. Progress of Office Open XML We are busy preparing for the Ballot Resolution Meeting on the ISO Office Open XML ratification progress.  A few…


Random roundup post Christmas

Hope you had a great Christmas and happy New Year.  I certainly did not work during the break so here is a collection of stuff that I thought was interesting in my inbox when I got back to work today. "A Santa without Excel is like a scrawny kid without a wedgie" I thought I…


Apparently, I’m a work of art

..which is better than a piece of work so I’ll go with it.  I’d like to aspire to being a SmartArt but that may take time.  Still, today I am officially on the front page of the UK Office Online site as the official UK blog and to put my picture there, they had to…


Hampshire police bring out the big gun

Good idea to advertise on the back of buses.  Shame about the position of the exhaust pipe.


Selling out

Remember that episode of the apprentice when they had to sell stuff on a shopping channel? Well it was my turn on Saturday night when I appeared on QVC’s Small Office Home Office show to sell Home and Student Edition at the very good price of £63.24.  It was good experience and there are few…


Building 5 opens

Today we finally opened the new building on the Microsoft Campus.  You probably don’t care but here are some pictures anyway.  Sadly we are being moved back to building 2 which looks much older now by comparison.  


We’re Microsoft, we know everything

No we don’t.  But that doesn’t stop people thinking we are the guys who control the Internet and can bend the IT time and space.  Always a pleasure to chat with Jason earlier today as I waited to do my presentation on Office futures.  It can be hard to present on the future of technology…


Ye Olde Office update

ok update on this – I think I’ve got offers of XP Pro, 2000 Pro, 97 dev ed and pro, Office 95 (no box) and Office 4.3. So does anyone have a copy of Office 95 with the original box?  (not just the CD jewel case). Does anyone have 4.2, 4.0 or 3.0?? I’m offering…