Officelabs and the search tab for Office 2007

Every day on the blogsphere (I hate that word) I see one topic of discussion come up a lot.  I have talked about it often too – how to make the transition to the new UI.  There is good debate to be had about why we needed to make this switch from the traditional menus…


Acquisition of FAST - what the analysts said

In a $1.2bn purchase, Microsoft is offering to acquire the Norwegian enterprise search company Fast Search and Transfer (FAST).  This is being reviewed as a very positive move by the industry analysts as it more or less completes our end to end search offerings.  From free search all the way up to sophisticated niche search…


Davis Langdon MOSS 2007 story

Construction consultants at Davis Langdon are renowned for delivering high-profile, high-value projects. They are involved in a number of well-known projects such as the London Olympics in 2012. The company’s United Kingdom operation provides consultancy advice on thousands of projects—each involving thousands of e-mails, cost and project plans, correspondence, planning specifications, customer consultations, and drawings. …


It's not what you know, it's who you know

It’s the first week of the new financial year at Microsoft, typically the time when we all get our new objectives, people move jobs and when the music stops, we try to remap the landscape.  Every coffee shop on campus is jammed with people chatting and every calendar filled with clandestine “catch up 1:1” meetings….