making capitalism work for the poor

Good interview on cnn with Bill Gates about how he says we need to "tweak" capitalism to work better for the poorest 2bn people in the world. another vid of him, bono and michael dell talk about the (RED) campaign.  A bit of an annoying shouty interviewer but worth a look. If you like this…


3 new Office Live customer stories – training, the Algarve and premium fresh cocktails..

Three stories about small businesses using Office Live to get their businesses up and running.  Algarvesol – how a couple made renting out their apartment in Algarve a lot more professional with an online site with Office Live. Sublime – an enterprising pair who set up a mobile juice bar company expanded to sell premium…


New Excel MVP and user group

Good to see the Excel User Group site that is run by the new MVP for Excel, Nick Hodge. 


Office quiz – answers

Ian has posted the answers to his Office quiz – some of them are not quite right IMHO 🙂

Random roundup of Office news 18th Jan 2008

Office Quiz I’m liking Ian Moulster’s quiz on Office 2007.  How many can you get – even I struggled with some of them.  He’s going to publish the answers next week.. Progress of Office Open XML We are busy preparing for the Ballot Resolution Meeting on the ISO Office Open XML ratification progress.  A few…


OneNote power toys

nice little summary of OneNote powertoys that the guys in the OneNote testing team have written over on John Guin’s blog.

Burton group analyst house strongly comes out in support of Office Open XML

The Burton Group, a respected AR firm targeting the enterprise technologist, has published “What’s up .doc—ODF, Open XML and the Revolutionary Implications of XML in Productivity Applications”—a 35+ page examination of document formats, most notably ODF and Open XML.  This is a very interesting read.  Guy Creese, one of the authors has blogged about it…

Microsoft admits we were draconian and fixes it

Did you see the flurry of interest in this issue with Office 2003 sp3? Essentially sp3 blocks certain *very* old file formats for security reasons and this understandably got some people annoyed.  The error which was not a bug was "You are attempting to open a file that was created in an earlier version of…


Acquisition of FAST – what the analysts said

In a $1.2bn purchase, Microsoft is offering to acquire the Norwegian enterprise search company Fast Search and Transfer (FAST).  This is being reviewed as a very positive move by the industry analysts as it more or less completes our end to end search offerings.  From free search all the way up to sophisticated niche search…


Can you all update your sections of the document and email it back to me?

Professional life teaches you to make adjustments to your normal mode of working at times.  Sometimes you have to adapt your style and consciously do things differently.  If you’ve ever worked in a big blue chip, you will be familiar with this kind of coaching.  If you tend to fly off the handle, you learn…