Office 2007 sp1 ready for download today

image Today sp1 ships. hurray. It's not up there yet but should be later today.  Also the kb articles for each patch don't seem to be live at this moment but should also appear later on today. 

Looking down the list of fixes, here are some that caught my eye (read the whitepaper for the full list):

  • Communicator won't let you IM a distribution list any more for security reasons
  • Icons for presence have been modified so that red/green colour blind people can tell the difference between available and busy by looking at the icon rather than the text next to it
  • That Excel bug with 65,534 getting shown as 100,001 is fixed
  • SharePoint works on Windows Server 2008
  • AJAX supported on SharePoint for web parts
  • Outlook delays with opening large psts eliminated

Here is the rest of the blurb:

What can you expect in Service Pack 1?

SP1 focuses on the issues that matter most to our customers based on direct customer feedback and error reporting tools. You can expect:

  • Stability. Using data from the Dr. Watson bug-reporting system, we've fixed the top software issues for each application in the 2007 Office system. The 2007 Office system SP1 also improves the stability of server components in the 2007 Office system and delivers compatibility with Windows Server® 2008, so you can confidently plan for future upgrades.
  • Performance. The 2007 Office system SP1 improves performance in applications and servers. Performance improvements can be found in Microsoft Office Excel® 2007, Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007, Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2007, and Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007.
  • Security. By incorporating incremental advances in security and results from application testing, the 2007 Office system SP1 offers home and office users better protection against malicious software and potential threats to privacy.

For a full list of improvements in SP1, download the Service Pack 1 whitepaper.

What does SP1 mean for you?

Service Pack 1 eliminates distractions and performance issues that disrupt workflow, allowing employees to be more productive in the work that they do. SP1 is also an important milestone for deploying the 2007 Office system, making it easy to deploy the most secure and reliable version of Office to date.

How do you get it?

Initially, SP1 will be available as a free download from OfficeOnline. SP1 will be made available via Automatic Update in the next 3-6 months, and we'll issue 30 day advance notice prior to delivering SP1 via automatic update.

Comments (28)

  1. skc says:

    The link to the download on the url you provided does not work by the way.

  2. Chakkaradeep says:

    The links dont work. I dont think its released yet 🙁

  3. Today Microsoft is shipping Service Pack1 for Office 2007.  While the site already has all the verbiage

  4. dstrange says:

    I know the links dont work yet but they will later today – the whitepaper link is live already however.

  5. Office 2007 SP1… Michele scaricalo… che stasera dopo cena si installa!!!

  6. Enterprise User says:

    Does this Service pack update Communicator 2007 EXE’s/DLL’s then or are the communicator fixes actually controls in Outlook so therfore its just the outlook files patched ?

    Reason I ask is that you may update to SP1 and later install Communicator 2007. If the updated communicator files were not on the system because SP1 setup deemed it was not installed, you’d have to also re-install the SP again to get benefit of fixes.

    Can  you clarify ?


  7. Darren blogged about it earlier today and it’s now there ready for download . For a full list of improvements

  8. Darren blogged about it earlier today and it's now there ready for download . For a full list of

  9. says:

    When will SP1 be released to WSUS?

  10. User says:

    The whitepaper link prompts me to download "afile.aspx"

    I guess I’ll try a dfferent web browser.

  11. dstrange says:

    Hi mystery "afile.aspx" user, what browser are you using out of interest?

  12. SteezyDeezy says:

    "Using data from the Dr. Watson bug-reporting system,….."

    Dr. Watson is still around?      Wild!

  13. Francoi says:

    Office 2007 SP1 is already in Windows Update, at least for the french version.

  14. Blog de EdU says:

    Ya salió el Service Pack 1 para Office 2007… Hoy salió este SP1 que nos trae como novedad: seguridad

  15. Tom says:

    When I went to Microsoft Update tonight, it was listed as a critical update. Could you clarify what it means that you won’t be pushing this update out for another 3-6 months?

  16. Alex says:

    Strange by name, very strange by reputation? 😉 It’s not 65,534 as 100,001 bug, but 65,535 as 100,000. And it was fixed two months ago:

  17. Software Engineer says:

    link is down but the update is available on

  18. help says:

    GROUP POLICY???? can i use it to install this update to all my users yet? It would be nice to see a link to an MSI file…

  19. says:

    Very confused with the release schedule.  Initially, it was indicated that the update wouldn’t be pushed out for 3-6 months, and yet it’s already on Windows Update and WSUS?  Could you clarify this for us?

  20. dstrange says:

    On the excel bug, it is 100,001 as well as 100,000 see kb 943047

    • When you perform a calculation in Excel 2007, the following behavior occurs:

    • The result of the calculation is a number from 65534.99999999995 to 65535. The calculation is performed correctly. However, the result is incorrectly shown as 100000.

    • The result of the calculation is a number from 65535.99999999995 to 65536. The calculation is performed correctly. However, the result is incorrectly shown as 100001.

    yes this was fixed in October and is rolled up in sp1

  21. dstrange says:

    In general if you apply sp1 and then later install another office product like say Access 2007 you would need to reapply the patch.  Update should do this for you if you check for updates.  At Microsoft we prepatch the apps so that when employees install them off the network they are already patched.

  22. dstrange says:

    see further updates from me on sp1 and answers to some of these comments, particularly the confusion around windows update on todays post

  23. Reead says:

    How do you deploy this through Group Policy?

    I have already download the file, should i use the Orca thing to convert it to an MSI file  ?? if so  How ?

  24. I'm sure you have heard that the Office 2007 Service Pack is here. Darren Strange has documented

  25. further to my original post on sp1 and the update post, here is the official word from the microsoft

  26. further to my original post on sp1 and the update post, here is the official word from the microsoft

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