Apparently, I’m a work of art

..which is better than a piece of work so I'll go with it.  I'd like to aspire to being a SmartArt but that may take time.  Still, today I am officially on the front page of the UK Office Online site as the official UK blog and to put my picture there, they had to publish my picture as a official home page art.


Some things you may not know about Office Online:

  • The UK site has its own team who add lots of UK specific content to it all the time
  • There were 47 Million page views on the UK page in October 2007
  • Over 6 million visits a month to the UK site alone
  • Clip art is the most popular (1.3M visits per month)
  • 150,000 pieces of Clip Art exist and this is constantly being updated
  • By looking at failed searches, the team can work out what content is missing.  For example, last j0423691Christmas, there were a lot of searches for mince pies, Christmas pudding and crackers.  They don't  really have these in the US so this year over 500 images were acquired and loaded up over the year, sourced for the UK alone.  UK pictures like London buses also featured.
  • The self paced training on Office Online is really superb and companies can reuse it in their own training plans.  I think this one of our best kept secrets.
  • Did you know you can submit your own community templates to Office Online?


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