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Darren on QVC

Remember that episode of the apprentice when they had to sell stuff on a shopping channel? Well it was my turn on Saturday night when I appeared on QVC's Small Office Home Office show to sell Home and Student Edition at the very good price of £63.24.  It was good experience and there are few things I would do differently next time but all good learning.  Here's the video of my 4 mins of fame - that was all it took to sell out and I barely had time to show off a smart art before they moved on.

All the demo files I prepared were using Office Online templates - and a real Chemistry project from when I was 13.  If you fancy the look of the Rugby World Cup tracker spreadsheet I show, here is a part populated version.

Tom George and me in the green roomthe scores on the doors

In the green room there was a chatty supportive camaraderie amongst the guests and everyone cheered if someone managed to sell out their stock.  It was a bit of a shock to find out though that the planners had put Star Office 8 and Microsoft Office back to back on the same show - this only serves to split sales.  Luckily Tom George from Avanquest who was selling Star Office was a top chap and although not happy about it, did switch to selling his photo project product instead.  He sold quite a lot of it too - quite impressive since it seemed to me it was a duplication of what is already in windows Vista anyway.

We all sat in this little room watching the numbers of calls and sales on this little teletext style screen readout.  The whole thing is filmed in a small studio where they have three sets in different corners and just swivel round from one to the next as they switch products.  It's amazing to see the sales too - even in a quiet hour up against X-factor, they can shift a lot of units in a few minutes. I may well be on again this weekend if I have time.  If you would like me to demo Office at your wedding or bar mitzvah do get in touch.

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  1. dstrange says:

    and I just found out what a great singer Tom is – check out his myspace – especially the superstition track – awesome.

  2. Michael says:

    Amazing. You were pretty good on there. Although I think you could have used a better shirt.

    I wonder who even uses StarOffice. I took a look at their site, and their suite doesn’t really seem impressive. But then again, I’m not a major Office user either.

    But you guys do have your work to cut with iWork 08′. It seems rather impressive from what I’ve heard of seen.

    Do you also work on the Mac side of Office? I saw the new Office 2008 box, and was kind of disappointed. Well anyways, I like the work y’all do, and just keep up the good work.

  3. james says:

    Hehe – nice job Darren 🙂 when are we going to see Mike up there doing the same thing for Windows Vista? 🙂

  4. Akim says:

    Short but sweet as the guy said, I really liked the powerpoint demo but please tell me how the hell did you manage to keep a chemistry project from when you were 13 🙂

  5. dstrange says:

    one of the advantages of moving house was the discovery of a box of my school exercise books.  I was thinking of getting in touch with all my teacher friends and all those still at school and then remembered the box!  fantastic material.  I learnt a lot about the carbon cycle doing this demo too.  🙂

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