Making a blog better

A lot has happened since I wrote my first post on OfficeRocker! two years ago.  I started blogging in the year preceding the launch of Office 2007 as a way to engage better with people and to explain what we are doing.  (see why I blog). I did a little talk this afternoon for…


WSS 3.0 will be a separate download

We announced today that we’re pulling the WSS 3.0 bits out of Windows Server 2008 RC1 onward.  No real change here, it will still be available free as a download and no change to the licensing but WSS won’t be on the Server media any more.  Not exactly sure why we’ve done this but I…


Office tips gadget available

Quite a nice new gadget to help you get more from Office 2007.


Hampshire police bring out the big gun

Good idea to advertise on the back of buses.  Shame about the position of the exhaust pipe.


Google don’t use their own stuff – so why should you?

This amused me today from a friend of mine who noticed this.  A job application on the Google website for the “Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, – San Francisco” Check out point 3 from the mandatory job qualifications: Requirements: 5-8 years administrative experience in a fast-paced, high-tech environment; non-profit experience is a plus….


RSS feeds in Outlook 2007

Good little article on how to augment the RSS feeds capability of Outlook 2007 using search folders for greater control.


Free car with your petrol?

Do you want fries with that?  We call it ‘attach’ – and there are some crazy examples out there: PC World started offering a free PC with an Orange broadband contract.  This seems to have ended now but is says they are offering £300 off selected laptops instead. RedTen have picked up instead though offering…


Why does Home and Student edition not include Outlook?

Good question in today from Andrew Balgarnie – if you have a question or something you’d like me to comment on or look into just use the email link on the header. He says “Given how much you sing the praises of oneNote / outlook integration why doesn’t the home / student office bundle include…


Windows Live Photo Gallery

Chris Adams, who sits next to me at work, got tickets to the rugby final on Saturday (lucky boy) – sound like it was even better than my wembley experience.  He took some pictures of the stadium and then used Windows Live Photo Gallery to automagically stitch the 6 constituent photos together.  Check out this…


Training on SharePoint and InfoPath

I’ve decided to blog smaller items a bit more often as they occur to me so here’s a question I answered today which might help others – where can I get some training on SharePoint and InfoPath? Good place to start is the online training at office online Try And Sharepoint you’ll find…